Wireless Home Networking for dummies phần 10

truy cập không dây để kết nối Internet tại nhà của bạn để tải về phần mềm hệ điều hành mới nhất từ máy chủ Baldwin, quá. Hệ thống có thể chấp nhận bất kỳ giao diện không dây MIDI. Encore! Bạn có thể ghi lại trên hệ thống này, quá. | Chapter 19 More Than Ten Devices . . . 331 wireless access to your home s Internet connection to download the latest operating system software from Baldwin s servers too. The system can accept any wireless MIDI interface. Encore You can record on this system too. A one-touch Quick-Record button lets you instantly save piano performances such as your child s piano recital. You can also use songs that you record and store on floppy disk with your PC to use within editing sequencing and score notation programs. Your Pets GPS-based tracking services can be used for pets too Just about everyone can identity with having lost their pet at some point. The GPS device s form factor can be collar-based or a subdermal implant. This can serve as your pet s electronic ID tag it also can serve as the basis for real-time feedback to the pet or its owner perhaps providing automatic notification if your dog goes out of the yard for instance. Check out to find out about an Applied Digital-driven service for tracking your pet today. What makes this interesting is making the wireless connection more active than passive adding and GPS technologies so that there can be an ever-present signal to track your pet within the service area. Several companies are testing such capabilities so that soon your LAN may indeed be part of a neighborhood wireless network infrastructure that provides a NAN neighborhood area network one of whose benefits is such continual tracking capability. Your Phones True many phones in homes today are wireless. And of course cell phones are too. But remember that your wireless home network uses the same GHz and GHz wireless frequencies that your cordless phones do. And when you factor in that your neighbor s phones and a bunch of other devices in home are also on these frequencies the throughput and usability of your wireless home networking system can get watered down pretty fast. Enter your whole home network. It makes .

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