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Dịch vụ dựa trên GPS theo dõi có thể được sử dụng cho vật nuôi, quá! Chỉ cần về tất cả mọi người có thể nhận dạng với mất con vật cưng của họ tại một số điểm. Yếu tố hình thức của thiết bị GPS có thể được cổ áo hoặc cấy dưới da. | Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http Getting Started WordPress and jQuery My favorite Firebug features are the options for reviewing HTML CSS and the DOM. Firebug will show you your box models and let you see the measurements of each ledge. Plus the latest version of Firebug lets you make edits on-the-fly to easily experiment with different fixes before committing them to your actual source files. There are features that let you edit on-the-fly in the Web Developer Toolbar as well but I find the Firebug interface more in-depth and easier to use. Not essential but helpful Image editor The last tool that I d like to mention is an image editor. While you can certainly do plenty of cool enhancements with pure CSS chances are you ll want to expand on your WordPress design and jQuery enhancements a little more by being able to add some slick visual elements such as cool icons or custom backgrounds. These are best achieved by using a graphic editor such as GIMP Photoshop or Fireworks. 18 Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http Chapter 1 Adobe owns both Photoshop and Fireworks. It also offers a light and less-expensive version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements that will allow you to do basic image edits http products . Any graphic editor you prefer is fine. One that allows you to work with layers is best. Free open source image editors If you re on a budget and in need of a good image editor I d recommend GIMP. It s available for PC Mac and Linux. You can get it from http . On the other hand if you prefer vector art as I do then try Inkscape which is also available for PC Mac and Linux. Bitmap graphic editors are great in that they also let you enhance and edit photographs and do some drawing. But if you just want to create neat buttons and icons or other interface elements and vector-based illustrations Inkscape gives you detailed drawing control and is worth trying out http .