Wordpress 3.0 jQuery phần 7

Chỉ cần cho rõ ràng, tôi muốn tên sự kiện để hiển thị trong tiêu đề của hình thức. Tiêu đề không phải là một phần của cforms, nhưng một phần của mẫu trang. Trong thư mục chủ đề của tôi, tôi sẽ mở ra đăng ký và bên cạnh the_title header () mẫu thẻ trên dòng 41, tôi sẽ thêm các mã sau đây: | Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http jQuery Animation within WordPress Let s go ahead and prep the theme so that we can get started. We ll continue to use the Default Theme with the Page Navigation CSS changes that we made in Chapter 2 Working with jQuery in WordPress. We ll be enhancing the navigation with a smooth indent and release animation that triggers on hovering on and off the menu items. We ll top it off with a cool floating point selector which also happens to be the site s space ship icon . First up we ll need to trace the client s space ship icon used in their logo into a basic silhouette form so that we can create a floating pointer with it. Again this is easily done using Inkscape 178 Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http Chapter 5 We ll take an extra step here and rotate the ship and since it s going to be a transparent PNG file add a nice drop shadow and afterburn gloss to give it some depth We ll export this image as a 37 pixel wide transparent .png. Next up we ll need to prep our theme s stylesheet to accept this background image. We ll be creating a div called shipsiide in jQuery to hold the image so our stylesheet needs to accommodate that id name shipSlide position absolute margin-top 12px margin-left -7px width 37px height 20px background url images no-repeat 179 Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http jQuery Animation within WordPress Again as with many examples in this book to keep the process concise and easy to understand we ll be doing things as directly as possible but not necessarily as optimized as possible. In a real-world project you r- S X may want to create a separate stylesheet for any project like this or wrap your jQuery work into a plugin or even in a WordPress plugin using the techniques we covered in Chapter 3 Digging Deeper Understanding jQuery and WordPress Together. This all depends on how flexible and .

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