Wordpress 3.0 jQuery phần 10

Các khách hàng thích nó! Và tất nhiên, bây giờ nghĩ rằng trang chủ hiện nay là "quá văn bản nặng". Về việc thêm trong sáu hình ảnh mới nhất từ Flickr hình ảnh gắn thẻ "wordpress chủ đề" trong thanh bên? Điều đó sẽ cân bằng nó. | Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http jQuery and WordPress Reference Guide Getting the most out of WordPress Those are the top elements that you ll need to know for jQuery now lets take a look at what can be done to keep things running smooth on the WordPress side. First up the more you know how to leverage your theme s hierarchy the more easily you can create views and pages to leverage with jQuery. The WordPress template hierarchy Need to work with the theme a bit Understanding the Template Hierarchy can really help you create the view you need with minimal programming headaches. The following list contains the general template hierarchy s rules. The absolute simplest theme you can have must contain an page. If no other specific template pages exist then is the default. You can then begin expanding your theme by adding the following pages trumps when a category tag date or author page is viewed. trumps when the home page is viewed. trumps when an individual post is viewed. trumps when the results from a search are viewed. 4 trumps when the URI address finds no existing content. trumps when looking at a static page. A custom template page such as when selected through the page s Administration panel trumps which trumps when that particular page is viewed. trumps . This then trumps when a category is viewed. A custom category-ID page such as trumps . This then trumps which trumps . 274 Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http Appendix trumps . This in turn trumps when a tag page is viewed. A custom tag-tagname page such as trumps . This trumps which trumps . trumps .