WordPress 3 Site Blueprints phần 3

Nhấn nhập khẩu bằng cách sử dụng các tùy chọn này và nội dung từ trang web tĩnh của bạn sẽ được nhập khẩu vào WordPress tự động. Ảnh chụp màn hình này cho thấy các trang web từ trang web tĩnh trông giống như trước khi nhập khẩu. | Project 2 Building a Community Portal Save this file as .htaccess and then upload it to your server. When naming the .htaccess file make sure that you have included a dot at the beginning of the file name as this is easy to overlook. Once the file is sent to your server check if it has a .txt extension. If it does rename it so that it s simply .htaccess. Now open a new browser window and then visit the main page of your site. If you re redirected to the homepage for Packt Publishing then mod_rewrite is enabled. If you aren t redirected then your server doesn t have mod_rewrite enabled which poses a slight problem. In that case you will need to send a support ticket to your hosting provider to ask them to enable mod_rewrite on your server. Hopefully you won t have to wait too long to receive a reply back from your hosting provider telling you that the issue has been resolved. There s one last thing that you need to do before beginning this project and that s to delete the .htaccess file from your server. With the mod_rewrite test complete and the .htaccess file deleted it s now time to visit the network installation screen so click on Tools Network. Enabling the WordPress Network menu After installing WordPress you may have noticed that the Network menu was no where to be found. That s because network settings aren t activated in the default installation of WordPress. This means that before you can create your community portal you will have to enable the Network menu on your installation of WordPress. To do this open which can be found in the directory that contains your WordPress installation. Then add the following line to this file. define WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE true Save and then upload it to your server. Now when you log in to the Dashboard you will find that a link to the Network settings screen has been added to the Tools menu. 44 Chapter 2 Network installation The first thing that you will probably notice when you visit this screen is

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