WordPress 3 Site Blueprints phần 7

Các công ty nộp danh sách việc làm để trang web của bạn sẽ có khả năng để bao gồm logo công ty của họ cùng với bài nộp của mình. Tính năng này sẽ không hoạt động đúng, trừ khi bạn thay đổi các điều khoản trên thư mục tải lên, mà có thể được tìm thấy bên trong thư mục wp-nội dung. | Project 6 Building a Job Board Website Companies submitting job listings to your site will have the ability to include their company logo along with their submission. This feature won t function properly unless you change the permissions on the upload folder which can be found inside the wp-content directory. So navigate to the upload folder and then CHMOD it to 7 7 7. Making the sidebar widget-ready Unfortunately JobPress doesn t have a widget-ready sidebar. You can however easily make a few edits to two of the JobPress theme files in order to correct this issue. First open up the file included with this theme. Once it s open scroll to the bottom of the file and then add the following lines of code right above the final div tag. php if function_exists dynamic_sidebar dynamic_sidebar php endif With this code placed in that area any widgets that you add will appear just below the employer login box located at the top of your sidebar. Before you can start adding widgets via the Dashboard you need to first edit the file. Open that file and then enter the following code just below the opening php tag. if function_exists register_sidebar register_sidebar After saving and uploading both files widgets will be usable on your JobPress-themed site. If you ever update your JobPress theme to a new version then it s likely that you will need to perform these edits again as these files will most likely be overwritten. Also since widgets previously were not a factor you may find that the styles being applied to this area aren t to your liking. If that s the case then you will need to perform some edits to both and in order to add widget-specific styling. 164 Chapter 6 Unfortunately widgetizing the JobPress sidebar does have a downside. That s because the add_action admin_head jobpress_style function found in conflicts with the code that you just added to that file as part of this process. As a result the Widgets page .

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