Writing Better Requirement 2002 phần 2

Sau khi trang web của bạn lên và chạy, bạn có thể, vì lý do gì, muốn thêm vào tất cả các thành viên từ cấp độ thành viên khác cấp độ thành viên để họ có một thành viên kép. Nếu, ví dụ, bạn muốn để thêm tất cả các thành viên bạc của bạn cho các thành viên cấp vàng, | Writing Better Requirement vii Acknowledgments We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers who checked the book so carefully our wives and families for tolerating us while we wrote and all our consultancy training and workshop clients who experienced the material first-hand and showed us the way it needed to be explained. We are specially grateful to Richard Marshall for reading an early draft and to Professor Ken Jackson for his perceptive and precise comments. We are grateful to the following for permission to reproduce copyright material . Chesterton quote reprinted by permission of . Watt Ltd on behalf of the Royal Literary Fund. Figure reprinted by permission of Beccy Blake. Figures and reprinted by permission of Telelogic DOORS UK Ltd. Table reprinted by permission of the Standish Group International Inc. Writing Better Requirement 1 Chapter 1 Introduction This chapter explains why requirements are important and why they are often not done well describing some of the challenges that lie ahead. The requirements process is sketched in outline and the principal terms used in the book are introduced. Why do requirements matter Requirements are crucial to every project Every project succeeds or fails on the quality of its requirements. They set the scope of all subsequent work and tell the project team what the users want. Without good requirements projects fail are late come in over budget or produce systems that are never used. Requirement issues should be fixed early before committing to a design because problems caused by poor requirements tend to be deeply embedded in the design and are difficult to remedy afterwards. Requirements are the part that developers miss most easily Developers have a different perspective from users as they are looking at a requirement from the point of view of how to implement it rather than experiencing the problem that the users had in the first place. The safest way to ensure that the users needs

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