Writing Better Requirement 2002 phần 3

ở đây là làm thế nào bạn sẽ đi về làm điều đó. Đầu tiên, chọn vàng từ trình đơn thả xuống nằm ở Di chuyển các thành viên khác cấp độ thành viên Thêm thành viên khác cấp độ thành viên Dự án 9: Xây dựng một Website thành viên | Writing Better Requirement 9 developers will produce. In the middle the requirements have to be clear so that both groups understand them - in the same way. Gulf between staff and customers Everyone has heard teachers saying only half in jest how much more peaceful their colleges would be without students but satisfying those people is the reason their organization exists. You can substitute doctors hospitals and patients into the equation or whichever groups you like the message is the same. Users want to explain their requirements in their own language using their own situation as the context. They want their developers to understand what the problem is and produce a solution which works their way. The box below gives a short story about staff and customers with the names changed. You may like to consider whether your organization works the way the system designers in the story did before or after that meeting with their customers. A spirit of cooperation is essential. Mary is the marketing manager in a large multinational. She has found that to be competitive the customers want the product 25 percent smaller 40 percent lighter and a brighter color. The system designers think these are needless constraints and that anything to with the color is beneath their dignity. To improve the situation Mary invites the project manager and a couple of the system designers to come and meet some users. She shows them the latest product tells them that they can ask any questions of the design team and asks them for their reaction. A month later the product is 25 percent smaller and more brightly colored and plans are in hand for making it lighter. Allocate enough effort and resources for requirements You need access to the best people with the right background for each part of the job. This may mean getting one experienced person from each group of stakeholders for a few weeks or months. Time to work out a good structure Getting the requirements structured correctly takes time

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