Writing Better Requirement 2002 phần 6

Trong chương này, chúng tôi tập trung vào làm thế nào để có được các yêu cầu trực tiếp từ các bên liên quan, cho dù thông qua các cuộc phỏng vấn hoặc hội thảo. Trong chương tiếp theo, chúng ta xem xét một loạt các nguồn khác có thể có các yêu cầu, và xem xét một số những cạm bẫy trong việc chiết xuất các yêu cầu từ các tài liệu. | Writing Better Requirement 39 Classify the statements a to n into the following types 1 user requirements 2 system specifications 3 design elements 4 plans 5 background material 6 irrelevant detail Extracting requirements The second part of the task of getting requirements from documents is simple you copy out the relevant bits of text recording precisely where they came from. This task is easiest with a requirements tool such as DOORS Figure . It gives you a database-like structure for recording the status of each requirement beside the actual text. In the illustration each item has in the left-hand column a unique identifier invaluable for referring to requirements during a review. The requirement text is in the next column in this case worded traditionally with shall statements. The third column has been set up to display the source of each requirement. FIGURE Requirement text and source recorded in a tool EXERCISE 4 Extracting requirements from a memo The marketing director has sent you a memo containing the material for several requirements. Pull out the relevant bits of text and rephrase them as good individual requirements. Memo From Jane Smith Marketing Director To David Kmiec Product Director Re Opportunity for small family sailboat Hi David Following my visit to the boat show I believe I have identified an exciting new opportunity to extend the company s product range. Our existing products could be supplemented by a small Other sources of requirements 40 family sailboat. This would fill an additional market niche yielding additional revenue without hurting existing sales. The sailboat should be attractively packaged to be fun for all the family to sail on lake river or coastal water. It will be safe and easy to handle whether by the parents or the kids. Its target price will be set aggressively low to achieve volume sales. It will be sized to fit readily in the home s garage and will be towed behind a compact family car. What do you think I ll .

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