Writing Better Requirement 2002 phần 10

Sau đó bạn sẽ kết nối một tiêu chí chấp nhận cụ thể với các văn bản yêu cầu. Ví dụ: ". ít nhất km WO trước" Chấp nhận tiêu chuẩn: máy bay bay với tốc độ 800 km / giờ ở mức mét về phía một đám mây bão được biết đến chỉ bởi báo cáo khí tượng vệ tinh, | Writing Better Requirement 79 Is it genuinely a user requirement not a design constraint Examples of key points The box opposite summarizes some of the key points for individual requirements. A clear user requirement Type of user The test engineer . Desired result . simulates . Object . the failure of any single component. Definite conditions . using only the built-in test facilities. Attributes Identifier UR-75 Importance Essential Review status Proposed Source M. Smith Minutes M-38 A vague expression of desirable features Vagueness In general the system . Required or not . should be able to. Which ones . diagnose possible faults . How to verify that . without requiring excessive downtime. EXERCISE 16 Checking individual requirements Here are some draft requirements which contain defects that might lead to difficulties later in the project. Identify the defects and improve the wording of each requirement accordingly. Is it always possible to deduce the intended meaning of a defective requirement If so how If not what action should you take when you discover such a problem 1 The driver shall be able to obtain instant action by giving any recognized voice command. 2 The operator shall be able to shut down the drive by disconnecting the power. 3 The extinguisher subsystem shall activate when the turbine temperature rises above the normal operating level. 4 In the unlikely event of an unexpected failure in the power train the car shall stop without danger to the driver or passengers. 5 The mast-top radar reflector shall provide a bright radar return regardless of the orientation or attitude of the boat. Checking and reviewing 80 Check the requirements as a set As well as checking individual requirements it is necessary to check requirements as a set because they may interact with each other. This task is in general more difficult than checking a single requirement as it is not sufficient to consider each paragraph or even each section on its own. Poorly structured .

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