The Zope Bible phần 2

Hai tùy chọn tiếp theo, Chiều rộng và độ cao của Text Area Khu vực Tiêu đề, xác định kích thước của vùng văn bản được nhìn thấy khi làm việc trong các đối tượng như tài liệu hoặc phương pháp DTML. Các mặc định được thiết lập tại 100 cột cho chiều rộng và 20 hàng cho chiều cao. | Chapter 3 Zope Objects and the Management Interface 35 The next two options Text Area Width and Text Area Height determine the size of the text area seen when working in objects such as DTML Documents or Methods. The defaults are set at 100 columns for width and 20 rows for height. A sample text box is provided at the bottom of the Browser Preferences page so you can fiddle with the settings until they are comfortable for you. To enact any changes you make simply click the Change button. With the exception of the Show Top Frame option any changes you make should become immediately visible. The Show Top Frame option also requires that you refresh your browser after clicking the Change button. Logging out This simple-seeming function is a feature that was added to Zope . Its operation is as straightforward as it looks. Click the Logout option in the drop-down list in the top frame and a login dialog box appears. Simply enter a valid username and password and you should be working under that username from then on. If you have multiple browser windows open they probably will still show that you are logged in under the old username in the top frame. If you reload the top frame it should update to the current username that you are logged in as. Caution The function of switching authentication is often browser-dependent. If you have any trouble logging in as a new identity simply close all of your browser windows and restart Zope with a fresh login. Exploring folders with the Navigator frame The Navigator frame shows all of the folders off of the Root Folder in a tree layout including the Control_Panel acl_users and temp_folder folders. If a folder has subfolders a plus sign in a box will appear beside its icon indicating that it can be expanded. Clicking the plus sign changes it into a minus sign and expands the folder one more level. You can see the expanded tree in Figure 3-3. Clicking the minus sign collapses the folders back down. Sometimes when adding new .

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