The Zope Bible phần 9

Bước tiếp theo trong việc xây dựng các bánh xe của ứng dụng thực phẩm là tạo ra một kết nối cơ sở dữ liệu sẽ được sử dụng. Như đã nêu trước đó trong phần này, ứng dụng sẽ sử dụng cơ sở dữ liệu con mồng, mà đi kèm với Zope. Từ bên trong thư mục / WOF, chọn để tạo ra một "Z | 490 Part IV Advanced Zope Concepts To distribute your Product select the Distribution tab from within the product. For example click the Distribution tab within the ZFAQ product. The form on the Distribution tab gives you fine control over the distribution you create. The Version field specifies the version that will be visible in the products list for whoever installs the product. Every time you make a distribution the number will be incremented but you can change it to whatever number you want. We suggest leaving it at unless you have some reason to do otherwise. Next on the form there are two radio-buttons that let you select the kind of Distribution you want to create. If you want others to be able to customize and or redistribute your Product select the Allow Redistribution option. If you want to disallow redistribution select the Disallow redistribution and allow the user to configure only the selected objects option and you can choose which objects your users can customize in your Product. The list defaults to having no objects selected which won t allow any changes to the distributed product. If you want them to be able to change the FAQManager ZClass select that ZClass. If you want the whole product to be customizable but still disallow redistribution select all of the objects in the list. Notice that the QandA Zclass which is contained within the FAQManager Zclass is not listed within this object list. This means that there is no way to allow or disallow customization of the QandA ZClass independently from the FAQManager ZClass. Whether the QandA Zclass is customizable is dependent on the whether the FAQManager ZClass is customizable. To get around this limitation the QandA object would have to have been created in a separate product. After you made your decisions regarding the redistribution and customization of the ZFAQ product distribution click the Create a distribution archive button. Zope will now create a file called and attempt