Textbook of Interventional Cardiovascular Pharmacology phần 2

NO. Ức chế chức năng tiểu cầu và sửa đổi đơn bào, các tế bào endotelial, hoạt động cơ trơn mạch máu tế bào PF4 CXCL4. Thuộc về gia đình cytokine viêm, trung gian hòa giải các mối quan hệ giữa các monocytes và các tế bào nội mô, gây ra sự kết dính bạch cầu trung tính và | 36 Principles of antiplatelet therapy Table 1 Inflammatory modulators expressed by platelets N . Inhibits platelet function and modifies monocytes endotelial cells and vascular smooth-muscle cells activity PF4 CXCL4. Belongs to inflammatory cytokines family mediates the relationship between monocytes and endothelial cells induces neutrophil adhesion and secondary granule exocytosis and influences macrophages adhesion to endothelial cell by triggering monocyte arrest in atherosclerotic arteries CD40L. Are important in inflammation and contributes significantly to the recruitment of inflammatory cells to damaged endothelium in vivo. Also present in lymphocytes B-cells monocytes macrophages and endothelial cells. Regulate macrophage and smooth-muscle cells of the vascular wall. Induce cytokines secretion of endothelial cells PDGF. Induces proliferation of smooth-muscle cells of vascular wall RANTES. Is the most efficient arrest chemokine. Influences macrophages adhesion to endothelial cell TGVp. Inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory mediators in vitro and in vivo. Stimulates biosynthesis of smooth-muscle cells in vascular wall TSP-1. Matricellular protein released from activated platelets. Induces the expression of VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 on endothelium. Increases monocyte attachment PSGL-1. Mediates the rolling of leukocytes on the endothelial cells allowing the recruitment of leukocytes to the inflamed tissue JAMs. Members of an immunoglobulin subfamily expressed by leukocytes platelets and endothelial cells regulates leukocyte platelet endothelial cell interactions in the immune system and promotes inflammatory vascular responses Abbreviations CD40L CD40 ligands JAMs junctional adhesion molecules NO nitric oxide PDGF platelet-derived grown factor PF4 platelet factor 4 P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 RANTES regulated on activation normal T-cell expressed and secreted TGF-p transforming growth factor-p TSP-1 thrombospondin-1 PSGL-1. stream by TFPI that locally .