thrombosis and thromboembolism phần 6

những người ngẫu nhiên với aspirin có một sự kiện tỷ lệ 4,86% mỗi năm và những người ngẫu nhiên để clopidogrel có trường hợp một tỷ lệ 3,71% mỗi năm, kế toán để giảm nguy cơ tương đối của 23,8%. (Sao chép từ Ref 38.) | Antithrombotic Therapy During PCI 177 death reinfarction or urgent target vessel revascularization at 30 days in patients treated with abciximab versus placebo 22 . There was no difference in 6-month restenosis between the two groups 22 . To evaluate the effect of abciximab in low-risk patients undergoing PCI the Evaluation of PTCA to Improve Long-Term Outcome by abciximab GP IIb-IIIa blockade EPILOG trial randomly assigned 2792 patients who were treated with aspirin to standard-dose weight-adjusted 100 U kg bolus heparin and placebo standard-dose weight-adjusted heparin and abciximab or low-dose weight-adjusted 70 U kg bolus heparin. The 30-day composite event rate was significantly lower p in patients treated with abciximab and low-dose or standard-dose heparin than in patients treated with standarddose heparin and placebo 23 . Bleeding complications were lowest in patients treated with abciximab and low-dose weight-adjusted heparin. The effect of GPIIb-IIIa inhibitors has been more variable in patients undergoing saphenous vein graft intervention. While one study suggested a beneficial effect with abciximab in patients undergoing SVG angioplasty 24 a larger study failed to demonstrate a convincing reduction in these patients at high risk for microembolization 25 . Bailout abciximab is often given during or just after PCI for the presence of residual dissection thrombus or suboptimal results 26 although its value has not been demonstrated in prospective studies. The EPISTENT trial randomly assigned 2399 patients with ischemic CAD to stenting plus placebo stenting plus abciximab or balloon PTCA plus abcixi-mab 27 and found that the primary 30-day endpoint a combination of death MI or need for urgent revascularization occurred in of patients in the stent plus placebo group of patients in the stent plus abciximab group hazard ratio p and of patients in the balloon plus abciximab group p 27 . The primary

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