Transoesophageal Echocardiography study guide and practice mcqs phần 7

Từ xoang Valsalva mm = 10 LCA long/3-10 bifurcates mm diam vào LAD và LCx LAD cung cấp kiến LV / ant 2 / 3 người tàn tật của LAD IVS trong tâm trương = 40-70 cm / s LCx cung cấp lat LV / SAN (40 %) / AVN (15%) / 1 bài viết / IVS 3 RCA cung cấp RA / RV / SAN (60%) / AVN (85%) / bài 1 / IVS 3 bài viết 1 / IVS từ bài. quyết định động mạch | Ventricular function 85 Table Diastolic dysfunction summary Normal Impaired relaxation Pseudo-normal Restrictive pathology DT ms 160-240 240 160-200 160 IVRT ms 70-90 90 90 70 E A 1-2 1 2 Adur PVAdur A PVa A PVa A PVa A PVa PVs PVd PVs PVd PVs PVd PVs PVd PVs PVd Evti Avti E A E A e a e a Valsalva E A ị ị ị ị ị t ị ị Summary of diastolic dysfunction Table RV function Normal RV function RV triangular crescent-shaped Contains muscle ridges trabeculae carneae Moderator band large muscle bundle from low IVS to ant RV wall Velocity of RV ejection t gradually peaks later than LV persists longer than LV RV volume determined by Simpson s method RV dysfunction Volume overload Dilated RV Flattening of IVS moves to left 86 Transoesophageal Echocardiography Pressure overload 1 Chronic . pulmonary hypertension RV hypertrophy RV free wall thickness 5 mm progresses to RV dilatation free wall hypokinesia 2 Acute . PE RV can compensate to PAP 40 mmHg RV dilatation with TR RV free wall hypokinesia IVS flattening in diastole RA IVC dilatation Multiple choice questions 1. For an adult female left ventricular hypertrophy is defined as a left ventricular mass of greater than A 12 mg m2 B 120 mg m2 C 12 g m2 D 120g m2 E kg m2 2. If the left ventricular internal diameter in systole is 30 mm and the left ventricular internal diameter in diastole is 45 mm the fractional shortening is approximately A 15 B 25 C 33 D 50 E 66 3. In mitral regurgitation A ejection fraction is preserved until late in the disease Ventricular function 87 B there is commonly left ventricular concentric hypertrophy C prognosis is poor if fractional shortening is less than 42 D there is a reduction in left ventricular end diastolic volume E there is a reduction in left ventricular end systolic volume 4. The following statements regarding segmental left ventricular function are all true except A regional wall motion abnormality occurs 5-10 beats after coronary occlusion B right coronary artery .

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