Transoesophageal Echocardiography study guide and practice mcqs phần 9

Rặng núi song song trên trước màng trong tim của LA (LAA) và RA Không có ý nghĩa lâm sàng Thành viên ban nhạc Cơ ban nhạc nổi bật trong ba đỉnh của RV Tham gia với hệ thống dẫn Confused với huyết khối / khối u | Cardiac masses 119 Accentuated by RVH May occur in LAA False tendons Fine filamentous structures in LV No clinical significance Pectinate muscles Parallel ridges across anterior endocardium of LA LAA and RA No clinical significance Moderator band Prominent muscle band in apical third of RV Involved with conduction system Confused with thrombus tumour Lipomatous hypertrophy of IAS Lipomatous thickening of IAS 1 cm Benign Dumb-bell appearance of IAS Lack of involvement of fossa ovalis Eustachian valve Remnant of valve of sinus venosus Occurs in 25 of individuals At junction of IVC and RA Elongated membranous undulating structure Chiari network Remnant of sinus venosus derived structures Mobile filamentous thin structure in RA Highly mobile random movement in RA Associated with PFO IAS aneurysm 120 Transoesophageal Echocardiography Crista terminalis Remnant of valve of sinus venosus At junction of SVC and RA Thebesian valve Thin piece of tissue guarding coronary sinus May inhibit retrograde coronary sinus cannulation Warfarin ridge Atrial tissue separating LAA from LUPV Vegetations TTE sensitivity 80 TOE sensitivity 95 reduced with prosthetic valves Features Classic triad changing murmur fever positive blood cultures Variable appearance discrete sessile mass pedunculated friable clump elongated strand Occur on low pressure side of valves Usually at leaflet tips Right-sided vegetations usually larger than left-sided Fungal vegetations larger than bacterial Chronic healed vegetation fibrotic and echodense Cardiac masses 121 Multiple choice questions 1. Atrial myxomas A comprise 75 of all primary cardiac tumours B usually arise from the appendage in the left atrium C are usually malignant D cause systemic symptoms of fever and malaise E occur in the right atrium in 5 of cases 2. Features of cardiac thrombus include all of the following except A association with smoke in the left atrium B association with reduced cardiac output states C speckled oval mass in the left .

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