Strategic account business plan - kế hoạch kinh doanh khách hàng chiến lược

Lập một chiến lược thẩm định khách hàng là điều sống còn để tăng doanh số và lợi nhuận. Bạn có thể sử dụng mẫu này để thu thập thông tin cơ bản, nhu cầu của khách hàng hoặc một khách hàng tương lai, cùng với kế hoạch hành động cho công việc sang năm sau. Mẫu này có thể giúp bạn xây dựng mối quan hệ lợi ích lâu dài với khách hàng | STRATEGIC ACCOUNT BUSINESS PLAN for Submitted by: Table of Contents Document Objective 3 Account Background 3 Customer Needs 3 Value Proposition 3 Sales Opportunities 3 Sales Strategies 3 Financial Forecast 3 Communication Plan 3 Action Plan 3 Required Resources 3 Document Objective The purpose of this plan is to document information about the account in a single document and to identify opportunities for a long-term relationship with the client that will bring in continuous sales opportunities. Account Background Objective [List the objectives the account team wants to set that specifically address helping the client to achieve its business goals, objectives, mission statement, or responsiveness.] Client Profile [Briefly describe the client’s business and mission statement.] Client Business Objectives and Initiatives [List the client’s stated goals or objectives as well as the projects initiated in response to the client’s value drivers.] Client Organization Chart [Draw the client’s organization chart, indicating names and titles. Describe key players and their level of influence in decision-making. Include any recent and potential personnel changes.] Client Contact List Name Title Telephone Number E-mail Address Internal Team Organization Chart [Draw the account team organization chart, indicating names, titles, and relationship with the client.] Internal Sales Performance Summary [Describe the past projects and performance with this client, including specific successes and failures.] Current Engagements and Status [List the current engagements with this client and the status of each engagement.] Value Delivered to Client [Summarize the business value that the account team has delivered to the client as a result of successful projects.] Customer Needs [Summarize the benefits that the customer expects from a longer-term relationship.] Value Proposition [Describe the account team’s value proposition—a statement of intent to deliver a measurable business result that the client views as a critical prerequisite or outcome for the client’s success.] Sales Opportunities [Identify the opportunities that the account team will pursue with this client.] Sales Strategies [Describe the account team’s strategy, objective, and tactics for pursuing the indicated sales opportunities.] Financial Forecast [Create a high-level forecast as determined by the selection of opportunities within this plan.] Communication Plan [Describe the plan for communicating with management for purposes of review and your plan for communicating with the client.] Action Plan [List the major action items that the account team will take on.] Action Person Responsible Time Frame Required Resources [Create a list of projected resources needed to successfully carry out this client plan.] Strategic Account Business Plan Confidential Page 4 5/13/2020 Confidential File: Strategic Account Business Date Published:

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