AutoCAD Basics 2004 bible phần 9

Nếu bạn muốn để chọn toàn bộ các bản vẽ, tất cả các loại ↵ ngay cả khi xem hiện tại không hiển thị toàn bộ các bản vẽ. Nhấn Enter nếu bạn không muốn chọn bất kỳ đối tượng. AutoCAD thay thế một khối gọi là dviewblock, đó là một ngôi nhà đơn giản. Bạn có thể sử dụng nhà để thiết lập xem quan điểm của bạn. | 1014 Part VI Customizing AutoCAD name of the file to edit and Windows opens it in Notepad. You need to type in the complete path of the file. To open Notepad without a file press Enter at the File to edit prompt. Creating keyboard shortcuts to commands Most of the file contains aliases or keyboard shortcuts for common AutoCAD commands. You can change these or add your own. After you get used to them it s often faster to type shortcuts at the command line than to click the toolbar button or menu item especially if your hands are already on the keyboard. You cannot include a command option in the file. To do that you need to create a menu item toolbar button or AutoLISP routine. J New Feature The Express Tools contain an Alias Editor that enables you to edit the file through a dialog box interface. Choose Express oTools o Command Alias Editor. The format for creating an alias is as follows Shortcut Full command name Refer back to Figure 29-1 for some examples of shortcuts. Note that the space between the columns is not necessary it simply improves readability. You can use aliases transparently if the command itself can be used transparently. Aliases cannot be used in script files or menus. Note that you cannot use control or function keys in command aliases in the .pgp file. Tip You can print out and tape it up on the wall where you work. ê Caution If you are working on someone else s computer do not do the following Step-by-Step exercise without that person s permission. It is not good computer etiquette to modify other people s AutoCAD files without asking first. Step-by-Step Customizing the File 1. Start AutoCAD. 2. Place a blank disk in your floppy disk drive. Type explorer J. After opening a preliminary window AutoCAD opens Windows Explorer using the shortcut. Chapter 29 Customizing Commands Toolbars and Tool Palettes 1015 Note By default is in Documents and Settings user name Application Data .

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