Buying a Computer For Dummies 2004 Edition phần 3

và gần như vô dụng trong mười. Mọi người nhìn thấy tình trạng này như một lời cảnh báo: Đừng mua máy tính ngày nay, chờ cho thế hệ sau! Oh, pish. . . . Bộ nhớ cache hoặc bộ nhớ đệm Chương 7: đĩa Loại Mỗi (lưu trữ vĩnh viễn) | Part II Hardware and Software Overview In this part. t s the software that controls the hardware which should have been drilled into your skull by now if you ve read through Part I of this book. Yet to understand the buying process you must first know about some computer hardware. After all if you buy software that says 16MB on-board 3D graphics RAM required it helps to know what that phrase means before deciding whether it s for you. It s like being able to understand the destructive effects of water before you buy a boat. The chapters in this part of the book cover computer hardware and software. This part has three purposes. The first is to familiarize you with various hardware doodads especially those items you see in a computer ad. The second is to let you know how to buy those items in case you want to upgrade your hardware and software in the future. The third is to familiarize you with the software and applications that the hardware supports. Read this stuff lightly first and then get into the dirty details later when the urge strikes you. Chapter 5 All about Mr. Microprocessor Jn This Chapter Understanding the microprocessor Judging a microprocessor s speed Dealing with strange terms Microprocessor Q A t the center of everything in your computer s hardware is the microprocessor. It s your PC s traffic cop the conductor for a mad electronic orchestra. Because all the other hardware in your computer depends on the microprocessor s capabilities your computer needs a good fast microprocessor to make things run smoothly and sweetly. The Micreprecesser Rules As your computer s main chip the microprocessor rules over all other hardware in the computer system. Truly it is the center of the hardware universe All hardware is geared to perform well with the microprocessor and all software is written to be understood by the microprocessor. Knowing how the microprocessor works isn t crucial. More important is being able to compare microprocessors to ensure that you get

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