Buying a Computer For Dummies 2004 Edition phần 8

Tên sản phẩm: Microsoft Office XP phát triển: Microsoft Giá: $ 499 Thể loại: Loại Tiện ích Office Internet đa phương tiện hỗ trợ: Vanilla Xử lý văn bản cơ sở dữ liệu Mạng giải trí Sôcôla 2000 OS X bảng tính đồ họa lập trình tham khảo bài hát vui NT Fudge XP Home / Giáo dục trình bày Pro tài chính khác | Chapter 18 Tips for Online Shopping 181 Manufacturer s Web stores Another way to shop a way more in tune with how this book is set up is to build your own computer. That usually happens only with manufacturer s Web pages and their online stores. The manufacturer begins with a basic system setup. Then you use the Web page to select various options and see how that affects the bottom-line price. For example adding another 256MB of memory may cost you 100 but selecting a smaller monitor may save you 100. As you work the steps on the manufacturer s Web page the cost of the computer configuration is updated calculated and displayed. You then select an operating system software options and shipping options. If you make an error such as selecting an incompatible piece of hardware the Web page lets you know. Even if you re not buying right now the manufacturer s Web page can really help you get an idea of what each option costs and how much you will save if you change a configuration. 1 Remember to use your hardware worksheet from Chapter 16 to help you get the best possible computer to match your software. Buying more hardware than you need if you can afford it is great You can find a complete list of online computer retailers on Yahoo http computers Ensure that the vendor has a phone number and street address. You don t want to get stuck online and have to fumble with e-mail to get satisfaction. It s just doesn t work. Placing ụour order Eventually you reach a place on the Web page where you have to place the order. It s either the checkout button or the shopping cart button or some other obvious means to tell the Web page that you re done shopping and are ready to buy. When you re ready to check out review the items in your order. Confirm items and quantities or remove items from the list. Use the Update button if you change quantities or remove items. 182 Part III Finding Your Perfect Computer When you re ready to buy click the Checkout button or .

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