Buying a Computer For Dummies 2004 Edition phần 10

Mua phần cứng hơn là mua sắm phần mềm cho mua sắm tên thương hiệu cho hệ thống với giá rẻ nhất không chuẩn bị cho việc bán Quên "tính năng bổ sung" Thanh toán bằng séc hoặc tiền mặt Không đọc các hướng dẫn sử dụng cài đặt Quên rằng phần mềm là đắt tiền mua quá nhiều Không kể thời gian học tập | Chapter 25 Ten Common Mistakes Made By First-Time Computer Buyers Jn This Chapter Buying hardware rather than software Shopping for brand names Shopping for the cheapest system Being unprepared for the sale Forgetting the extras Paying by check or cash Not reading the setup manuals Forgetting that software is expensive Buying too much Not counting learning time 1. . f you have followed this book s advice you hopefully won t fall into the trap of making one of the following ever-so-common mistakes. It s worth putting them in a list just as a reminder. Buying Hardware before Software Software controls the hardware by telling it what to do. Don t be tempted by marvelous hardware features. Don t be lured into buying one brand or the other by some advertising campaign. Without software the hardware is next to useless. Buy your hardware to support your software. 238 Part V The Part of Tens_ Dropping Brand Names When people find out what I do they usually want my advice about buying a computer. Dan they say as they puff up their chests about to impress me with some trivial tidbit I ve been looking at the UltraDork computer. What do you think about it Big mistake I answer. It doesn t matter which brand they mention I always say the same thing. Software is more important than hardware. Most people don t see that so I m not rude when I tell them. But thinking about brand names rather than what the computer will do is a big mistake. Shopping for the Cheapest Computer System When you buy a bargain system you will probably wind up with a competent and functional computer. When things go wrong you want the dealer to provide service to get your system fixed. That bargain price often doesn t include service however. Look for a dealer you can grow friendly with. The dealer s reputation which is more important than price is how it stays in business. Being Unprepared for the Sate Computers have a different jargon in case you haven t .

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