ColdFusion MX Bible phần 2

Phần mềm điều khiển phần cứng bằng cách nói với nó những gì để làm. Đừng bị cám dỗ bởi các tính năng phần cứng tuyệt vời. Không được thu hút vào mua một trong những thương hiệu này hay cách khác bởi một số chiến dịch quảng cáo. Nếu không có các phần mềm, phần cứng bên cạnh vô dụng. Mua phần cứng của bạn để hỗ trợ phần mềm của bạn. | 84 Part I Getting Started with ColdFusion MX A relational database consists of one or more tables containing data where the data in one table may relate to data in one or more of the other tables. Tables are related by sharing key values between their rows and these related tables are joined together in SELECT statements to produce relational result sets. A database containing two tables Company and Employee for example may look something like what is shown in Figure 5-1. Figure 5-1 An example of two related tables. For now don t worry about the notation being used that is all explained in Chapter 8 just look at how the data itself is related. The data contained in these two tables may look something like what is shown in Figure 5-2. As you can see from the matching values of CompanyID between the two tables some employees are related to one company and some to another. Visualizing these rows as slightly separated into their own related groups as shown in Figure 5-3 sometimes helps. Chapter 5 Learning a Little SQL 85 Company Table CompanylD Company Na me Address City State ZipCodc Comments 1 ABC Company Inc 1234 Main Street Atlanta GA 30303 The first company ever kn 2 The Very Big Corporation of America One Corporate Boulevard Norcross GA 30071 Sooner or later you ll b. 3 Star Trek Fan Club 1701 Geialife Lane Orlando FL 32301 It s not so bad living in. 4 Ye Olcfe Poodle Accessory Shoppe 45 Mangrum Road Tucson AZ 85701 Frilly hair boy. spec la Ils. 5 Azure Productions 1087 Veritas Way Duluth GA 30096 Light and sound products. 6 Angry Clown Entertainment 5565 w. Ca nton street Duluth GA 30097 . Let Rankles the Clown bot. 7 Bob s Motorcycle Restoration 477 Reston Avenue Casper WY 82604 Harley and Indian special. 8 Developers Anonymous 12 Recovery Way Winter Haven FL 33890-3453 Repeat I am a good pens. 9 9041 Trebuchet Lane Crackhn AR 72201 Buy your pork products on 10 The Stan Cox Society 1234 Tweebfe Lane Barneyville NJ 01234 Formerly known as Friend. .

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