ColdFusion MX Bible phần 6

Vì vậy,. . . lớn đối phó? Bạn đặt cược! Ngay cả việc sử dụng cơ bản nhất của các thành phần đơn giản thay đổi cách tiếp cận của bạn ColdFusion phát triển, bởi vì bạn đang hoàn toàn tách logic từ trình bày, bạn đang phơi bày logic đơn giản là một bộ, | 580 Part IV ColdFusion MX Components Web Services and Flash Integration Figure 26-7 shows the properties for Update Company button. Figure 26-7 The properties of the Update Company button. Later on you may want to come back and set some guides on your Stage to help you position these form elements and maybe reformat text styles but for now push on to ActionScript. Choose File Save from the Flash menu bar and maybe take a little break. Can t Too excited Okay onto the final piece of the Flash Remoting puzzle ActionScript Building the ActionScript The ActionScript that you re going to build can be placed in one frame for your convenience then called from any other Flash object as needed. You can place code containing individual pieces of logic within specific objects in your Flash movie if you wish which is useful when you are working with a team of other developers who have their own pieces of code but keeping all your code in one place is probably the best way to start learning how to program with Flash MX. Select Frame 1 of the actions layer before proceeding so that your code is easy to find as shown in Figure 26-8. Listing 26-2 shows the complete ActionScript for this application. Enter Listing 26-2 exactly as shown in Frame 1 of the actions layer. Most of it is case sensitive so treat all of it that way to be safe. Then we can discuss it in detail. Chapter 26 Flash Remoting Services 581 Figure 26-8 Enter all your ActionScript in this example into Frame 1 of the actions layer. Listing 26-2 The ActionScript used by the application include include include gatewayURL http localhost flashservices gateway gatewayconnection gatewayURL companyservice this function listCompanies_Result companyListResult companyToShow_cb companyListResult CompanyName CompanyID function getCompany .

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