Digital Video For Dummies 3rd Edition phần 3

Nhập tên tập tin cho bộ phim của bạn và chọn một vị trí để lưu các tập tin. 5. Nhấn Next một lần nữa. Movie Wizard Lưu cho thấy chi tiết về tập tin, bao gồm kích thước tập tin (xem hình 1-9). 6. Nhấn Next một lần nữa. Quá trình xuất khẩu bắt đầu. 7. Khi xuất khẩu | 62 Part I Getting Ready for Digital Video Accessorizing Your Camcorder Few pieces of digital video gear are as underappreciated as camcorder accessories. Beyond the obvious things like a camcorder bag and spare tapes there are a couple of extras which I feel are critical whenever you shoot video. These include Extra batteries Your new camcorder should come with at least one battery and I recommend buying at least one extra. Lithium Ion batteries are preferable to NiMH batteries because Lithium batteries last longer and you don t have to worry about completely discharging them before recharging. NiMH batteries have always been a pain because you were supposed to completely discharge them before recharging and then you had to recharge them as fully as possible because NiMH batteries had a memory that would often prevent it from accepting a full charge. A Lithium Ion battery on the other hand is more like the gas tank in your car You can top it off whenever you want Lens cleaner Your camcorder s lens will inevitably need to be cleaned. Purchase a cleaning kit specifically recommended by your camcorder s manufacturer. This is important because the lens on your camcorder might have a special coating that can be damaged by the wrong kind of cleaner. Avoid touching the camcorder lens with anything as much as humanly possible . I like to use canned air available at computer supply stores to blow dust or sand off the lens. Lens hood Some high-end camcorders have hoods that extend out in front of the lens. A hood shades the lens surface to prevent light flares or other problems that occur when the sun or some other bright light source reflects directly on the lens. If your camcorder didn t come with a hood and your manufacturer doesn t offer one as an accessory you can make a hood using black photographic paper tape available at photographic supply stores . Make sure you check the camcorder s viewfinder however to ensure that your homemade hood doesn t show up in the video .

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