Digital Video For Dummies 3rd Edition phần 7

Nếu máy tính của bạn chậm (chậm hơn so với xử lý 1 GHz), chọn mã hóa Sau khi Chụp nếu bạn gặp phải khung rơi hoặc các vấn đề khác trong khi bạn đang thực hiện thiết lập các tùy chọn định dạng chụp, bấm vào OK để đóng cửa Pinnacle | 226 Part III Editing Your Movie_ Through to Camera under Advanced options. Now that this option is enabled whenever you play the timeline the video will be sent out to your camcorder if it is connected to your FireWire port and turned on in Player or VTR mode. If you have a TV monitor hooked up to the camcorder s analog outputs the video image should appear there as well. Figure 13-2 Enable the Play through to camera option in iMovie s preferences. Pinnacle Studio also allows you to preview video on an external monitor although it s a little more complicated. Basically you have to export the movie as if you were done and ready to record it on tape. After the movie is exported for tape you can play the export file and preview it on an external monitor as many times as you like without actually recording the tape. See Chapter 15 for steps on exporting movies for tape in Studio. Exporting the Movie After about the millionth preview you ll probably come to the realization that your movie will never be perfect If you don t just give up and release your movie it will never be seen by anyone. Star Wars creator George Lucas once described this process as one of abandonment because most moviemakers almost never feel that a project is truly finished. When you decide that it s time to abandon your project you must export the movie so that others can view it. Before you export your movie you must decide in which format you wish to export. After you ve edited your movie in a program like Studio or iMovie you aren t limited to showing your work to others on your computer. You have many options with which to share your movie Videotape Almost everyone you know probably has a VCR that plays VHS tapes. Sure the quality and gee-whiz factor of VHS tapes isn t as high as DVD but most of your audience really won t care. If you have an analog capture card such as a Pinnacle AV DV board you can connect a VCR directly to your .

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