Digital Video For Dummies 3rd Edition phần 8

ou có thể không cần tôi nói cho bạn biết rằng các băng ghi hình thời tốt cũ đang đi theo con đường của con khủng long. Họ đang được thay thế bằng các đĩa cứng tròn sáng bóng nhỏ gọi là đĩa DVD. Một DVD (một số nói là viết tắt của đĩa đa năng kỹ thuật số, những người khác nghĩ rằng đó là đĩa video kỹ thuật số, | Chapter 16 Recording CDs and DVDs Jn This Chapter Understanding DVD basics Making effective disc menus Understanding the DVD alphabet soup Burning DVDs ou probably don t need me to tell you that good old-fashioned video- tapes are going the way of the dinosaur. They re being replaced by shiny little round platters called DVDs. A DVD which some say stands for digital versatile disc others think it s digital video disc and which others contend that it stands for nothing at all is just in diameter just like a music CD or CD-ROM but can hold hours of high quality video. And as long as a DVD disc doesn t get scratched up it will continue to provide the same quality no matter how many times it is played. Until recently the process of recording DVDs was complex and very expensive. In October 2000 I managed a project to master a software DVD. The recording equipment cost thousands of dollars and we paid 40 each for blank recordable DVD discs. But just three years later DVD recorders can be had for less than 300 and blank discs cost about 1 each maybe less if you shop around. This chapter shows you how to put your movies onto DVD. And if you don t have a DVD burner yet I ll show you how to make discs in a regular CD burner that will play short movies in most DVD players. Understanding DVD Basics Movies on DVD have been around since the mid-1990s and DVDs are quickly replacing VHS tapes as the de facto standard for video distribution. DVDs provide higher quality and are physically smaller than VHS and unlike tapes they don t have moving parts that break after a number of uses. Best of all your local video-rental store will never charge you a fee if you forget to rewind a DVD. 268 Part IV Sharing Your Video__ If DVDs have one disadvantage compared to videotapes it s that the process of recording a movie onto DVD is a little more complicated. The following sections help you prepare to make your own DVDs by showing you what you .

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