Digital Video For Dummies 3rd Edition phần 9

và những người khác cho rằng nó là viết tắt không có gì cả) chỉ là 5,25 "trong đường kính (giống như một đĩa CD âm nhạc hoặc đĩa CD-ROM), nhưng có thể giữ giờ video chất lượng cao. Và như là một đĩa DVD không nhận được trầy xước, nó sẽ tiếp tục cung cấp chất lượng cũng không có vấn đề bao nhiêu lần nó được chơi. | 308 Part V The Part of Tens__ Your camcorder should have connectors for external microphones and your camcorder s manufacturer may offer accessory microphones for your specific camera. One type of special microphone you may want to use is a lavalier microphone a tiny unit that usually clips to a subject s clothing to pick up his or her voice. You often see lavalier mics clipped to the lapels of TV newscasters. Some lavalier units are designed to fit inside clothing or costumes though some practice and special shielding may be required to eliminate rubbing noises. A good place to look for high quality microphones is a musician s supply store. Just make sure that the connectors and frequency range are compatible with your camcorder or other recording device check the documentation . You may also want to check with your camcorder s manufacturer they might offer accessory microphones specially designed to work with your camcorder. Finally the Internet is always a good resource as well. One good resource is the Web site of Shure Incorporated. Shure sells microphones and other audio products and the Web site is an excellent resource for general information about choosing and using microphones. MiniDisc Recorders Recording good sound used to mean spending hundreds of dollars for a DAT digital audio tape recorder. However these days the best compromise of quality versus sound for an amateur moviemaker may be to use a MiniDisc recorder. MiniDisc player recorders can record CD-quality audio onto MiniDiscs and that audio can be easily imported into your movie project. Chapter 7 shows you how to import audio from CDs and MiniDiscs. Countless MiniDisc recorders are available for less than 200 from companies that include Aiwa Sharp and Sony. I know I know your camcorder records audio along with video and it s already perfectly synchronized. So what is the point of recording audio separately Well you may

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