Dreamweaver MX 2004 Bible phần 4

Nếu bạn đang ở trong chế độ Design view, chọn nút này sẽ tự động chuyển cửa sổ tài liệu luật và xem thiết kế trước khi chèn các thẻ. Nhóm được lựa chọn điều khiển bằng cách chèn các thẻ , với một truyền thuyết tùy chọn. | 326 Part II Web Design and Layout Fundamentals how can you use that particular string in the Replace With field For example the following list of names John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt James T. Kirk Cara Fishman can be rearranged so that the last name is first separated by a comma like this Schmidt John Jacob Jingleheimer Kirk James T. Fishman Cara Dreamweaver enables replacement of regular expressions through grouping expressions. Grouping is perhaps the single most powerful concept in regular expressions. With it any matched text pattern is easily manipulated. To group a text pattern enclose it in parentheses in the Find text field. Regular expressions can manage up to nine grouped patterns. In the Replace text field each grouped pattern is designated by a dollar sign in front of a number 1-9 that indicates the position of the group. For example enter 3 in the Replace With box to represent the third grouped pattern in the Find box. Caution Remember that the dollar sign is also used after a character or pattern to indicate the last character in a line in a Find expression. Table 8-7 shows how regular expressions use grouping. Table 8-7 Regular Expressions Grouping Character Matches Example p entered in the Find In box Any pattern p b w . w b matches two patterns the first before a period and the second after such as in a filename with an extension. The backslash before the period escapes it so that it is not interpreted as a regular expression. 1 2 . . . 9 entered in the Replace With box The nth pattern If the Search field contains the pattern b w . w b noted with and the Replace With field contains the pattern Si s parentheses extension is .S2 would be replaced with Chapter09 s extension is .txt . Controlling Whitespace Whitespace refers to any portion of the page that doesn t contain text images or other objects. It includes the space between words and the space above and below paragraphs. This section introduces ways to adjust paragraph margins and

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