Dreamweaver MX 2004 Bible phần 5

Với hành vi Dreamweaver, bất kỳ nhà thiết kế web có thể làm cho lớp xuất hiện và biến mất, thực hiện bất kỳ số lượng lật, hoặc kiểm soát một bộ phim Shockwave - tất cả mà không biết ngay cả một đoạn mã JavaScript. Trong tay của một lập trình viên JavaScript thực hiện, | PTE Using Behaviors Behaviors are truly the power tools of Dreamweaver. With Dreamweaver behaviors any Web designer can make layers appear and disappear execute any number of rollovers or control a Shockwave movie all without knowing even a snippet of JavaScript. In the hands of an accomplished JavaScript programmer Dreamweaver behaviors can be customized or created from scratch to automate the most difficult Web effect. Creating behaviors is one of the more challenging Dreamweaver features to master you tackle it in Chapter 34. Implementing these gems however is a piece of cake. This chapter examines the concepts behind behaviors and the reality of using them. It details the use of all the behaviors included with Dreamweaver as well as some from notable third-party sources. This chapter also contains tips on managing your ever-increasing library of behaviors. Here s a guarantee for you After you get the hang of using Dreamweaver behaviors your Web pages will never be the same. Understanding Behaviors Events and Actions A behavior in Macromedia parlance is the combination of an event and an action. In the electronic age one pushes a button the event and something the action occurs such as changing the channel on the TV with your remote. In Dreamweaver events can be something as interactive as a user s click of a link or as automatic as the loading of a Web page. Behaviors are said to be attached to a specific element on your page whether it s a text link an image or even the body tag. Dreamweaver has simplified the process of working with behaviors by including default events in every object on the Web page. Instead of having to think about both how you want to do something and what you want to do you only have to focus on the what the action. To understand the concept of behaviors and how they are structured examine the four essential steps for adding a behavior to your Web page 1. Pick a tag. All behaviors are connected to a specific HTML element tag . You can .

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