Dreamweaver MX 2004 Bible phần 8

Chương này cũng bao gồm các lời khuyên về quản lý thư viện ngày càng tăng của các hành vi. Dưới đây là một đảm bảo cho bạn: Sau khi bạn nhận được hang của việc sử dụng Dreamweaver | Chapter 25 Adding Video to Your Web Page 817 Figure 25-1 RealOne Player s interface enables the user to forego a Web browser completely when browsing for streaming media. Helix Producer This encoding software converts most types of audio and video MPEG QuickTime and so forth files to RealMedia .rm files. You can get Helix Producer Basic for free or the full-featured Helix Producer Plus for around 200. Read all about it at products producer . Helix Universal Server This server software serves up RealMedia over Real-Time Streaming Protocol RTSP . Helix Universal Server Basic which is free is limited to 1 Mbps throughput. For a larger throughput move up to a commercial product such as Helix Universal Server Standard 2-4 Mbps . For more information go to products . Note You can still offer RealMedia to your users over the Web s regular HTTP without any special server software. HTTP streaming is however far more limited than RTSP streaming. RealNetworks has led the way in cross-platform authoring and playback. Versions of the RealOne Player are available for Windows Macintosh OS X and the full range of available mobile devices. The previous version of the player is also available for Macintosh OS 9 Unix Linux and even OS 2. MSN TV even plays RealAudio . By contrast QuickTime is limited to Windows and Macintosh and Microsoft s streaming video solution is basically Windows-only. RealNetworks has also led the way in terms of users for years it was the only option for large-scale streaming media sites. Even now when it faces the stiffest competition it s ever had its 818 Part V Adding Multimedia Elements Tip market share is very high. RealPlayer is included with major browsers as well as with Windows and Red Hat Linux. See for examples of RealMedia content. w QuickTime What QuickTime refers to is widely misunderstood. Some people confuse the video format QuickTime Video with QuickTime itself. But .

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