Dreamweaver MX 2004 Bible phần 9

Hình 30-4: Bạn có thể cấu hình Lưu ý thiết kế để bật lên bất cứ khi nào một tập tin được mở ra để cảnh báo một thành viên trong nhóm đồng bào của công việc được thực hiện. Phần VI ✦ Web Tăng cường quản lý trang web và Workflow | 940 Part VI Enhancing Web Site Management and Workflow Figure 30-4 You can configure a Design Note to pop up whenever a file is opened to alert a fellow team member of work to be done. Figure 30-5 Design Notes play an important role in crossproduct integration when working with Fireworks Flash and Contribute. 4. Deselect the Maintain Design Notes option to completely stop Dreamweaver from creating Design Notes. Dreamweaver alerts you to the consequences of disabling Design Notes. Click OK to continue. Chapter 30 Building Web Sites with a Team 941 5. If you want to work with Design Notes locally but don t want to automatically transfer them to the remote site leave Maintain Design Notes checked and uncheck Upload Design Notes for Sharing. 6. To remove Design Notes that no longer have an associated file which can happen if a file is deleted or renamed by a program other than Dreamweaver click the Clean Up button. Dreamweaver gives you an opportunity to confirm the delete operation. 7. Click OK to close the Site Definition dialog box and then click Done to close the Manage Sites dialog box. Design Notes serve two different purposes. From a team perspective they re invaluable for tracking a project s progress and passing information among team members. However Design Notes are also used by Dreamweaver and other Macromedia products including Fireworks to pass data between programs and program commands. For example Fireworks uses Design Notes to store the location of a Fireworks source file that is displayed in the Image Property inspector when you select the exported graphic in Dreamweaver. Keep in mind the dual nature of Design Notes. I strongly recommend whether you work with a large team or you re a team of one that you keep Design Notes enabled and fully functioning. Setting the status with Design Notes What is the one thing a Web site project manager always wants to know The status of every page under development What s still in the planning stages what has been .

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