Dreamweaver MX 2004 Bible phần 10

Hình 30-5: Ghi chú Thiết kế đóng một vai trò quan trọng trong hội nhập crossproduct khi làm việc với Fireworks, Flash, và Đóng góp. 4. Bỏ chọn Duy trì thiết kế cần chú ý lựa chọn hoàn toàn ngăn chặn Dreamweaver từ việc tạo ra Ghi chú Thiết kế. Dreamweaver sẽ cảnh báo bạn những hậu quả của Ghi chú Thiết kế vô hiệu hóa. Click vào OK để tiếp tục. | Chapter 34 Creating a Behavior 1063 built-in functions. The Extending Dreamweaver documentation can be found by choosing Help Extending Dreamweaver. Although Extending Dreamweaver covers all types of Dreamweaver extensions behavior developers are interested in three main sections the Dreamweaver Document Object Model the Dreamweaver JavaScript API and Behaviors. If your behavior is intended to interact with Fireworks you want to study the Fireworks Integration API section. The more you understand about the various components and their included functions the more flexibility you have in building your behaviors. Caution The material in this section is intended for programmers familiar with JavaScript and as such is fairly advanced. Document Object Model JavaScript is an interpreted programming language that addresses elements in the browser and on the Web page in a hierarchical fashion. To access the properties of any object on the page JavaScript employs a Document Object Model DOM . The DOM breaks down the page into successively smaller parts until each element and its specific properties are identified. Dreamweaver MX 2004 integrates a subset of objects properties and methods from the W3C DOM Level 1 with a subset of properties from the Internet Explorer DOM. The resultant Dreamweaver DOM also includes some useful features not implemented in either of the other DOMs. Understanding nodes Dreamweaver s DOM makes available or exposes virtually every element on a Web page. The DOM is often described using a tree metaphor with the HTML document as the trunk. Instead of regarding the head and the body as the major branches however Dreamweaver s DOM like the W3C DOM uses four separate branches or nodes to divide the document DOCUMENT_NODE Enables access to objects directly relating to the overall document ELEMENT_NODE Contains references to all tags in the HTML document TEXT_NODE Describes the contiguous block of text within tags COMMENT_NODE Represents the comments

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