ERP Making It Happen The Implementers’ Guide to Success with Enterprise Resource Planning phần 2

cần thiết, và do đó nó khó khăn hơn để giữ ERP cố định như là một ưu tiên rất cao. Thế giới chỉ đơn giản là thay đổi quá nhanh. Vì vậy, kế hoạch về việc thực hiện Kế hoạch nguồn lực doanh nghiệp cho một đơn vị kinh doanh dài hơn một năm, nhưng ít hơn hai. | The Implementation Challenge 27 necessary and thus it s harder to keep ERP pegged as a very high priority. The world is simply changing too fast. Therefore plan on the full implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning for a given business unit to take longer than one year but less than two. For purposes of simplicity and consistency let s routinely refer to an 18-month implementation. Now 18 months is a fairly long time. Therefore during that period early successes are important and thus we recommend that they be identified and aggressively pursued. The most important early win is typically Sales Operations Planning to be covered in Chapter 8 and another is inventory record accuracy Chapter 10 . On the other hand some people feel an 18-month time frame is too aggressive or ambitious. It s not. It s a very practical matter and also necessary. Here s why Intensity and enthusiasm. Because ERP will be implemented by the people running the business their first priority must be running the business which is a fulltime job in itself. Now their responsibilities for implementing ERP will require more work and more hours above and beyond running the business. With a long extended project these people will inevitably become discouraged. The payoff is too far in the future. There s no light at the end of the tunnel. However with an aggressive schedule these people can see progress being made early on. They can expect improvement within a relatively short time. In our experience the operating people sales and marketing people foremen buyers engineers planners etc. respond favorably to tangible gains. Priority. It s quite unlikely ERP can hold the necessary high priority over three or four years. Companies are like people their attention spans are limited. As the project s priority drops so do the odds for success. The best approach is to establish ERP as a very high priority implement it quickly and successfully. And then capitalize on it. Build on it. Use it to help run the

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