ERP Making It Happen The Implementers’ Guide to Success with Enterprise Resource Planning phần 3

Đối với mục đích đơn giản và nhất quán, chúng ta hãy thường xuyên tham khảo để thực hiện 18 tháng. 18 tháng là một thời gian khá dài. Vì vậy, trong thời gian đó, thành công ban đầu rất quan trọng, và do đó chúng tôi đề nghị rằng họ được xác định và tích cực theo đuổi. | 66 ERP Making It Happen ible in the same way that concrete is flexible when it is poured. However once it hardens it takes a jack hammer to change it. Typically for convenience in programming and use the software will be in a number of modules that focus on particular parts of the company. Although there is variation among the providers there will be seven to ten modules with titles like Finance and Accounting Master Scheduling Human Resources Warehouse Management and so on. Each of these must be tailored to your particular operations and business needs. Most of this tailoring will involve setting switches to control data flow and processing steps. However in some cases enhancements to the software package are necessary in order to support critical business functions. We ll go into more detail on enhancements later in this chapter because what we have to say applies to both ES and to bolt-ons. Each module should have an assigned ES design team that reflects the company functions most involved in that area. These groups are different from the ERP project team and task forces. In a combined ERP ES implementation one of the challenges is keeping the ES design teams aligned with the ERP teams and one of the best ways to accomplish this is with some degree of common membership. One or several members of a given ES design team are assigned to the related ERP organization and vice versa. The big difference between an ERP team and an ES team is that the ERP team focuses primarily on people and data integrity while the ES team focuses primarily on the software and hardware. However both are involved in re-designing business processes and thus it s critical that these processes be a joint effort. So what do the ES design teams do Well think of the data flow in the company as hundreds or thousands of trains moving along a myriad of tracks toward one station the central database. You must decide if those trains only go to the final station or if the data can be switched to a .

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