ERP Making It Happen The Implementers’ Guide to Success with Enterprise Resource Planning phần 4

Chiến thắng đầu quan trọng nhất là thường Kế hoạch Bán hàng và hoạt động (được bao gồm trong Chương 8), và một là ghi lại chính xác hàng tồn kho (Chương 10). Mặt khác, một số người cảm thấy một khung thời gian 18 tháng là quá hung hăng hoặc đầy tham vọng. Nó không phải. | Getting Ready 105 to avoid distractions during the project if surprises happen. Nothing is more discouraging than being forced to explain a change in costs or benefits even if the total project has not changed in financial benefit. Contingency is an easily understood way to provide the protection needed to keep working as various costs and benefits ebb and flow. Go No-Go Decision Getting commitment via the go no-go decision is the first moment of truth in an implementation project. This is when the company turns thumbs-up or thumbs-down on ERP. Key people within the company have gone through audit assess-ment and first-cut education and have done the vision statement and cost benefit analysis. They should now know What is ERP is it right for our company what will it cost what will it save how long will it take and who are the likely candidates for project leader and for torchbearer How do the numbers in the cost benefit analysis look Are they good enough to peg the implementation as a very high hopefully number two priority in the company Jerry Clement a senior member of the Oliver Wight organization has an interesting approach involving four categories of questions Are we financially ready Do we believe the numbers in the cost benefit analysis Am I prepared to commit to my financial piece of the costs Are we resource ready Have we picked the right people for the team Have we adequately back-filled reassigned work or eliminated work so the chosen resources can be successful Am I prepared to commit myself and my people to the task ahead Are we priority ready Can we really make this work with everything else going on Have we eliminated non-essential priorities Can we keep this as a high number two priority for the next year and a half Are we emotionally ready Do I feel a little fire in the belly Do I believe the vision Am I ready to play my role as one of the champions of this initiative along with the torchbearer 106 ERP Making It Happen If the answer to any of .

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