ERP Making It Happen The Implementers’ Guide to Success with Enterprise Resource Planning phần 7

và 600 nhiệm vụ có thể phục vụ như một công cụ quản lý hiệu quả dự án. • cụ thể trong phân công trách nhiệm. Nó nên đặt tên tên, chức danh công việc không chỉ đơn thuần và / hoặc các phòng ban. Tạo tiến độ dự án. Có cần phải được phổ biến rộng rãi mua vào tiến độ dự án, hoặc nó sẽ được chỉ là một mảnh giấy. | 222 ERP Making It Happen the point of implementing ERP if it s just going to deliver the same lousy information that the current system provides That s the problem with the parallel approach for ERP s planning and scheduling tools. Big Bang The inability to do a parallel leads some people to jump way over to the other side of the fence and do what s called a big-bang cutover. We call it you bet your company and we recommend against it vigorously and without reservation. Here s an example of a big-bang implementation as explained by an unenlightened project leader We ve got master scheduling and MRP all programmed tested and debugged. We re going to run it live over the weekend. On Friday afternoon we re going to back a pickup truck into the production control office and the computer room throw all the programs disks tapes procedures forms and so forth into the truck and take em down to the incinerator. This gives new meaning to the phrase burning one s bridges. A big-bang cutover also called cold turkey carries with it two problems the first one being that ERP may fail. The volume of output from the first live computer run of master scheduling and MRP may be so great that the users can t handle it all. By the time they work through about a quarter of that output a week s gone by and then what happens Master scheduling and MRP are run again and here comes another big pile of output. The result The users are inundated and your ERP effort has failed. Folks that s the least of it. The second problem is far more severe You may lose your ability to ship product. Some companies who ve done a big bang have lost their ability to order material and release production. The old system can t help them because they stopped running it some weeks ago and the data isn t current. ERP isn t helping them it s overwhelming them. By the time they realize the seriousness of the problem they often can t go back to the old system because the inventory balances and Going on the Air Basic .

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