ERP Making It Happen The Implementers’ Guide to Success with Enterprise Resource Planning phần 8

Sáu, sau đó, người the development tiến độ dự án cần must be the người same người sẽ phải chiu Trạch Nhiệm mounted bó with it. Họ chủ yêu là of nhà manage bộ Phan, and their đang ở trên the group dự án. The từ nhà Lãnh Đạo dự án có thể giúp người correct đầu bộ phần and the group thành viên dự án khác development tiến độ dự án. | Going on the Air Supply Chain Integration Phase II 261 and precise. Prior to DRP most companies have to rely on national forecasts of demand for input to the master schedule and of course this is not the way it happens in the real world. The immediate demand on the plants is for the replenishment of the DCs and that s what DRP is all about. Opportunity to Accelerate It may be possible to move little DRP up into phase I. As you pilot master scheduling you may be able to pilot DRP on the same products. Ditto for cutover. In that way all of little DRP will be implemented at the end of phase I so that big DRP could come up quite early in phase II. Supply Chain Integration Forward to the Customers We need to talk about two processes here one called vendo r managed inventories VMI and the other collaborative forecasting. Vendor Managed Inventories VMI is also called continuous replenishment CR . Some people use the latter term when referring to themselves shipping to their customers while they ll use VMI for the process of their suppliers shipping to them. With either term the process is much the same. We ll use VMI to refer to both approaches outbound to customers and inbound to the buying companies. VMI is supplier scheduling in reverse. It involves suppliers assuming responsibility for replenishing the inventory of their products at their customers locations. It s seen by many companies using it as win-win. The customers win because they re guaranteed high service levels and low inventories by the supplier plus they offload much of the administrative expense of the classic purchasing and inventory replenishment functions. The suppliers win because they have very good visibility into their customers inventory status usage and future production schedules all of which helps to stabilize and smooth their own production schedules. A further benefit to suppliers is the element of incumbency that s created A given supplier doing a good job with VMI can become a valuable .

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