ERP Making It Happen The Implementers’ Guide to Success with Enterprise Resource Planning phần 10

Nhiệt tình, làm việc theo nhóm, và một cảm giác trở thành sở hữu có thể nhìn thấy trong suốt tất cả các nhóm tham gia vào slice. 3-4. Hàng tồn kho hồ sơ chính xác, bao gồm cả biên lai lên kế hoạch và phân bổ, 95% hoặc tốt hơn cho tất cả các mục của slice. 3-5. | The Fundamentals of Enterprise Resource Planning 339 comes a process for effectively linking long-range aggregate plans to short-term detailed plans. From top to bottom from the general manager and his staff to the production associates it ensures that all activities are in lockstep to gain the full potential of a company s capabilities. The reverse process is equally important. Feedback goes from bottom to top on an exception basis conveying unavoidable problems in order to maintain valid plans. It s a rack-and-pinion relationship between the top level plans and the actual work done in the plant. Financial Integration In addition to ERP s impact on the operations side of the business it has an equally important impact on financial planning. By including the selling price and cost data ERP can convert each of the unit plans into dollars. The results are time-phased projections of dollar shipments dollar inventory levels cash flow and profits. Incorporating financial planning directly with operating planning produces one set of numbers. The same data is driving both sys-tems the only difference being the unit of measure. Too often financial people have had to develop a separate set of books as they couldn t trust the operating data. Not only does this represent extra effort but frequently too much guesswork has to be applied to determine the financial projections. Simulation In addition to information for operational and financial planning simulations represent the third major capability of ERP. The ability to produce information to help answer what if questions and to contribute to contingency planning is a valuable asset for any manager to have. What if business increases faster than expected What if business goes as planned but the mix of products shifts sharply What if our costs increase but our prices do not Do we have enough capacity to support our new products and maintain sales for current ones These are common and critical issues that arise in manufacturing

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