Excel 2002 Power Programming with VBA phần 2

Một mô tả những cách khác nhau để bắt đầu Excel Một cuộc thảo luận của các tập tin được sử dụng và sản xuất bởi Excel - bao gồm cả các chi tiết định dạng tập tin HTML mới về việc làm thế nào Excel sử dụng Windows Registry và được tạo ra bởi Excel. Những chủ đề được đề cập trong chương này. | C H R Understanding Excel s Files p T E J If you plan to do any advanced work with Excel it s critical that you become familiar with the various ways to start Excel and understand what happens when the application is launched. It s also a good idea to have an understanding of the various files used and generated by Excel. These topics are covered in this chapter. Starting Excel Excel can be started various ways depending on how it s installed . All methods ultimately execute the executable file. When Excel starts it reads its settings from the Windows Registry and opens any add-ins that are installed that is those that are checked in the Add-Ins dialog box . It then displays an empty workbook the number of sheets in the workbook is determined by a user-defined setting that is stored in the Windows Registry. You can change this number by editing the Sheets in the New Workbook setting located in the General tab of the Options dialog box select Tools Options . If your Xlstart folder contains any workbooks they are opened automatically and a blank workbook does not appear. If your Xlstart folder includes a workspace file multiple workbooks are opened in a customized workspace. You can also define an alternate startup directory to hold other worksheet or workspace files you want opened automatically. You can set up this alternate startup directory by specifying a path in the At startup open all files in setting located in the General tab of the Options dialog box. In previous versions of Excel this field was labeled Alternate startup file location. In This Chapter A description of the various ways to start Excel A discussion of the files used and produced by Excel including the new HTML file format Details about how Excel uses the Windows Registry 62 Part I Some Essential Background Tip If you want to change the default formats or content of blank workbooks that A. you create create a default workbook and save it as a template with the name y in your

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