Excel 2002 Power Programming with VBA phần 9

điều khiển được xây dựng trong thanh công cụ. Bạn có thể thêm các điều khiển như nhiều như bạn muốn bất kỳ thanh công cụ. Những điều khiển này có thể được các nút tùy chỉnh hoặc các nút từ thanh công cụ khác, hoặc họ có thể đến từ các cổ phiếu của các điều khiển mà Excel cung cấp. ✦ | Compatibility Issues If the applications that you ve developed using Excel 2002 will be used only by others who also use the same version of Excel you can skip this chapter. But if your application also needs to run on earlier versions of Excel Excel for Macintosh or international versions of Excel you must know about some potential issues. These issues are the topic of this chapter. What Is Compatibility Compatibility is an often-used term among computer people. In general it refers to how well software performs under various conditions. These conditions may be defined in terms of hardware software or a combination of the two. For example software that is written specifically for a 32-bit operating system such as Windows XP will not run under the older 16-bit versions of Windows . In other words 32-bit applications are not compatible with Windows . And as I m sure you realize software written for Windows will not run on other operating systems such as Macintosh or Linux. In this chapter I discuss a more specific compatibility issue involving how your Excel 2002 applications will work with earlier versions of Excel for Windows and Excel for Macintosh. The fact that two versions of Excel may use the same file format isn t always enough to ensure complete compatibility between the contents of their files. For example Excel 97 Excel 2000 Excel 2002 and Excel 98 for Macintosh all use the same file format but compatibility issues are rampant. Just because a particular version of Excel can open a worksheet file or an add-in doesn t guarantee that that version of Excel can carry out the VBA macro instructions contained in it. In This Chapter How to make sure your Excel 2002 applications will also work with previous versions of Excel Issues to be aware of if you re developing Excel applications for international use 754 Part VII Other Topics The compatibility problem is more serious than you may think. You can run into compatibility problems even within the same .

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