GETTING AN INVESTING GAME PLANCreating It, Working It, Winning It phần 2

Cuốn sách này, sau đó, khoảng 10 bước để một kế hoạch trò chơi đầu tư thành công. Nhưng đầu tư chỉ là một phần của cuộc sống tài chính của bạn. Nó cũng có thể là một phần quan trọng nhất của bức tranh tài chính dài hạn. Nhưng nó chỉ là một phần. Dưới đây là bảy phần khác: | 12 Why You Need a Game Plan The Big Picture This book then is about the 10 steps to a successful investing game plan. But investing is only part of your financial life. It may well be the most important part of your financial picture long-term. But it s only part. Here are seven other parts 1. Cash Flow Planning. Where does your money for daily living come from and how is it being spent 2. Tax Planning. More than filing a tax return this area includes issues like whether to invest in a traditional or Roth individual retirement account IRA how much tax you save in a 401 k plan and whether you should use a Section 529 educational savings plan. 3. Retirement Planning. Some people prefer to think of retirement planning in terms of financial freedom or independence from an employer or from worry. Whatever it means to you living without a fresh stream of steady income takes advanced planning. 4. Estate Planning. You ve poured your life s work into building an estate and you need to do some planning to protect and distribute it. Estate planning is all about who you want to get what and when and how you can avoid giving it all to Uncle Sam. 5. Insurance. Insurance covers all areas including life health cars other property potential liabilities and long-term health care. This is a big complicated and important subject. 6. Special Issues. This catchall category includes things like providing for education elderly parents disadvantaged kids and gifted kids. 7. Life Planning. This is a subject that s financial not in its core but in its reverberations. It includes life changes like a career change or moving to a new location. Take a moment to think about each of these areas in your own life. If there were a spectrum between where you are and where you want to be what would it look like Picture a chart like Table . The gap between the end of each arrow Why You Need a Game Plan 13 Table Financial Planning Spectrum Area Target Investments - Cash Flow Tax Gaps Retirement to

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