GETTING AN INVESTING GAME PLANCreating It, Working It, Winning It phần 3

1. Kế hoạch lưu chuyển tiền tệ. Tiền của bạn cho cuộc sống hàng ngày ở đâu, và làm thế nào nó được chi tiêu? 2. Thuế Kế hoạch. Hơn nộp đơn khai thuế, khu vực này bao gồm các vấn đề như liệu có nên đầu tư vào một tài khoản hưu trí truyền thống hay Roth cá nhân (IRA), bao nhiêu thuế quý vị tiết kiệm trong một kế hoạch 401 (k), | 38 Step 2 Know Your Risk Tolerance The Scourge of Inflation Continued presume an inflation rate of 3 percent going forward you need to make sure that your game plan accounts for that rise. Stocks are a great defense against inflation because their earnings reflect the prices of goods and services. But bonds so-called fixed incomes don t reflect price fluctuations. To the extent your portfolio is in fixed income investments or cash you need to consider the risk of inflation as you plan to meet your goals. those goals but also their risk tolerance the risk that they can t take risk. All the formulas in the world are useless if you re filled with dread each day over what s happening or not happening with your money. That s why this inquiry is critical before delving into the numerics of the game plan. Think of it as the calisthenics an athlete does before the actual game begins. To help you figure out your risk tolerance I ve presented a list of questions very similar to the ones I pose to my clients. I use these questions to help clients design an investment strategy that they can stick with. If they re risk-averse investors I don t want them to get too uncomfortable on the downside. If they re risk takers I don t want them to get too antsy about missing upside. Why the customized tweaking Because if either extreme happens the investor will bolt from the plan. And that s where trouble happens. As you take this quiz don t try to pick the right answer. Try to be honest with yourself based on how you ve acted in the past or how you think you d act in the future if you ve already had some experience. That s the only way you ll be able to create a game plan that will work for you. Before you begin think broadly for a bit about how you would describe your ability to handle investment risk. Try to draw up mentally or on paper a descriptive statement. For example I can t handle losing money. The ups and downs of the market really bother me. Or I know I have to take some risk

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