GETTING AN INVESTING GAME PLANCreating It, Working It, Winning It phần 6

Chắc chắn, có thể đã được một vài ngôi sao như quarterback Joe Montana và nhận rộng Jerry Rice, nhưng họ sẽ không có được anh hùng mà không có các cầu thủ rất có khả năng những người ủng hộ họ. (Cowboy người hâm mộ: Tôi biết nhóm của bạn đã lớn quá, chỉ cần một chút sau đó) theo đó tương tự, | Chapter 6 Step 6 Pick the Players Consider the high school soccer coach who attends a two-week summer camp to learn about the latest strategies for building a good team. Now it s fall and tryout week is underway. If she doesn t choose the right players for the appropriate positions all her off-season work will be for nothing. For her team to succeed the coach must put her newfound knowledge into action. The same goes for you the investor as you prepare to pick specific funds for your portfolio. So far you ve decided on the general portfolio and allocation that you want to pursue. You ve further refined your allocation by deciding which styles of funds to seek out. Now you need to select the best and the brightest to execute your game plan strategy. On both offense and defense you want the very best players in the leagues to fill those allocation slots. Ultimately fund selection is where the rubber of all the investing theory meets the often bumpy road of market reality. I particularly relish this part of the game plan and I hope you will too. While your overall allocation will greatly determine the success of your game plan the more successful managers can enhance that return through superior performance. Just as there are superior players for a team there are also superior managers. Finding those is our goal at this level of allocation. Deciding which funds deserve your hard-earned money is an important task. Just any fund won t do even if it is in the exact style and asset 117 118 Step 6 Pick the Players category you want. Just as all good soccer goalies differ from one another funds within a given style type each offer varying degrees of potential for risks and rewards. When assessing a fund it s very important that it be in line with your overall portfolio allocation that we discussed in Chapter 5 and that it s meeting your goals at the same time that it fits your ability to handle risk. You should be able to find appropriate funds for your portfolio needs from

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