Ý tưởng kinh doanh : trump strategies for real estate Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor phần 8

Trump đã rất nhiều ý tưởng nhìn xa trông rộng đầu tư bất động sản của ông, và ông cuối cùng làm cho tất cả các quyết định quan trọng chính mình, nhưng trước khi quyết định cuối cùng được thực hiện, ông lắng nghe rất chặt chẽ với tư vấn và lời khuyên của các chuyên gia. | Donald Trump has many visionary ideas for his real estate investments and he ultimately makes all the important decisions himself but before any final decision is made he listens very closely to the counsel and advice of experts. In every real estate project Trump retains top real estate specialists to help him architects lawyers leasing agents accountants contractors engineers designers and others. When it comes to legal documents or business advice he calls on me first to get my thoughts. He knows that he can accomplish much more than he ever could himself by using the services of top real estate professionals like me. This chapter describes how you can find really good people whose value to you will cover the cost of their fee many times over. Many small investors get into trouble because they try to do everything themselves right down to their own legal and tax work. To be successful with your real estate project you need to get the best people in the field to help you. For example when I bought a radio station on Long Island with my brother-in-law Martin Beck I knew nothing about the radio business but he did. He knew about ratings and how to attract more listeners. He knew about the rating sweeps and how to increase your advertising revenue. He had worked for an advertising agency selling radio time and he knew how advertisers thought and the best way to package what we were planning to sell. He also knew a lot about cost saving. For example you don t need an individual newscaster for six radio stations. You can tie in with CNN News and use their news for all stations with minor changes based on locality. previously you needed to staff a separate news department. With Marty s industry expertise and my financing and business acumen we created a very 155 TRUMP STRATEGIES FOR REAL ESTATE successful business that was ultimately sold for a profit of millions of dollars. Don t think you can do everything yourself. Surround yourself with professionals and you ll .

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