Ý tưởng kinh doanh hiệu quả : trump strategies for real estate Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor phần 9

đại lý cho thuê, kế toán, nhà thầu, kỹ sư, nhà thiết kế, và những người khác. W Khi nói đến văn bản quy phạm pháp luật hoặc tư vấn kinh doanh, ông kêu gọi tôi đầu tiên để có được suy nghĩ của tôi. Ông biết rằng ông có thể thực hiện được nhiều hơn | IF YOU HAVE adopted some of Trump s strategies that I described in earlier chapters then you have designed into your property some features that will dazzle your buyers or tenants albeit in a lesser way than the seven-story marble waterfall in the atrium of Trump Tower. Maybe you built a rose-covered arbor over the entrance to your rental property or you installed marble tile and a Jacuzzi tub in the bathrooms. Once you have finished designing and building some eye-catching features into a property it s time to focus on marketing the property to buyers and tenants. Now you can put to work those great attention-getting methods that will make people willing to pay more for your property and buy it or rent it quickly. This chapter describes some of the key marketing strategies Trump uses to communicate the value excitement and appeal of his properties to potential buyers or tenants. How Selling the Sizzle Sells the Product I believe the sizzle idea in marketing originally came from Chinese restaurants. They served one of their beef or seafood dishes in a hot iron skillet that sizzled so delectably that it would make their customer s mouth water and had the same effect on everyone who heard the sound. The dish became more appetizing just because of the sizzle. The same concept applies to real estate. Your customers have a lot of choices before they decide on a property and many of the features of your property will be similar to those of your competition. You need to find ways to make your property appear to be more than a plain vanilla commodity by effectively communicating to the 181 TRUMP STRATEGIES FOR REAL ESTATE potential customer the exclusivity and superiority of your product. Trump is master at finding clever ways to use showmanship to create the sizzle for his properties. I recommend that you make a list of all the features about your property that distinguish it from your competition. You may even want to create an eye-catching flyer that you can give to .

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