Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles phần 9

Hầu hết các nước hiện nay đã tăng tập trung vào tác động môi trường của nhà máy điện mới và mong muốn phát thải thấp. Ngay cả với nhiệt độ bắn cao và áp lực, hệ thống LMS100 ™ có khả năng 25ppm NOx tại O2 khô 15%. Bảng 1 cho thấy | New High Efficiency Simple Cycle Gas Turbine - GE s LMS100 operating speeds. Fig. 9 shows that there is a very small difference in performance between the two operating speeds. oC Fig. 9. LMS100 System SAC Performance Most countries today have increased their focus on environmental impact of new power plants and desire low emissions. Even with the high firing temperatures and pressures the LMS100 system is capable of 25ppm NOx at 15 O2 dry. Table 1 shows the emission levels for each configuration. The 25 ppm NOx emissions from an LMS100 system represent a 30 reduction in pounds of NOx kWh relative to LM6000 levels. The high cycle efficiency results in low exhaust temperatures and the ability to use lower temperature SCRs Selective Catalytic Reduction . Another unique characteristic of the LMS100 system is the ability to achieve high part-power efficiency. Fig. 10 shows the part-power efficiency versus load. It should be noted that at 50 load the LMS100 system heat rate 40 efficiency is better than most gas turbines at baseload. Also the 59oF 15oC and 90oF 32oC curves are identical. The LMS100 system will be available in a STIG steam injection for power augmentation configuration providing significant efficiency improvements and power augmentation. Figs. 11 and 12 show the power output at the generator terminals and heat rate respectively. Fig. 10. LMS100 System Part-Power Efficiency Fig. 11. LMS100 System STIG Electric Power vs Tambient GE Energy GER-4222A 06 04 9 New High Efficiency Simple Cycle Gas Turbine - GE s LMS100 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Inlet Temperature F Fig. 12. LMS100 System STIG Heat Rate LHV vs Tambient The use of STIG can be varied from full STIG to steam injection for NOx reduction only. The later allows steam production for process if needed. Fig. 13 - data from Ref. 1 compares the electrical power and steam production @ 165 psi 365oF bar 185oC of different technologies with the LMS100 system variable STIG performance. Cogen Technology Fit Fig.

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