Aircraft design projects - part 9

Các phần trước đã đặt ra các yêu cầu về hình học cho máy bay. Bây giờ có thể sản xuất các bản vẽ bố trí tổng thể đầu tiên (Hình 9,16). Theo quy định, bố trí là rất không chính thống. Điều tra các tính năng kỹ thuật cho thấy rằng cấu hình là hợp lý. Cánh cao gắn kết cung cấp ổn định ngân hàng tốt khi máy bay trên hoặc gần mặt đất. | 292 Aircraft Design Projects This engine will give about 20 per cent extra thrust than required for aircraft performance so should be adequate to meet the aircraft service needs. Initial aircraft layout The previous sections have set out the geometrical requirements for the aircraft. It is now possible to produce the first general arrangement drawing Figure . As prescribed the layout is very unorthodox. Investigating the technical features shows that the configuration is logical. The high mounted wing provides good banking stability when the aircraft is on or near the ground. The high aspect ratio thin supercritical wing section and swept forward design should reduce drag. The planform taper matches the spanwise loading distribution. The configuration should have good pendulous stability which will help with low-speed manoeuvrability. The unobstructed front fuselage provides suitable housing for the observation reconnaissance and communication systems. These systems are undefined in the project brief but the length and volume provided on the aircraft is consistent with other aircraft of this type. The rear fuselage provides the main structural framework for the attachment of engines main landing gear brace connection and the fin wing mounting. The internal volume in this area provides the main fuel tank. The enclosed volume of the tank is 3m long X deep X wide giving a capacity of . More J Max. bank angle 28 Tip 35 angle Cg Equip. modules 0 5m Optional canards HALE-UASV Wing span 30 m Wing sweep 30 LE Wing area 50 m2 Wing AR 25 18 U A length 15m Empty mass 3500 kg TO mass 9200 kg Engine 2 X PW530 Thrust 2 X TO SSL Fig. Initial aircraft layout drawing High-altitude long-endurance HALE uninhabited aerial surveillance vehicle UASV 293 fuel is housed in the central wing boxes. The capacity of the wing tanks is . This combined capacity of the tanks fuselage and wing is substantially smaller than the fuel volume .

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