WordPress 3 Site Blueprints phần 5

Trong hộp văn bản được dán nhãn tất cả thư mục vào vị trí của thư mục chứa các trang từ trang web tĩnh của bạn. Thực hiện một hệ thống tin nhắn riêng tư Đối phó với những quảng cáo đã xoá và 404 lỗi Dự án 4: Xây dựng một trang web địa phương Quảng cáo rao vặt | Project 3 Building an E-Commerce Website With these settings in place the homepage of your website will contain products just like a standard e-commerce store. In addition you will still be able to keep visitors up-to-date on the latest happenings at your store using the blog that you relocated to a different section of your site. Making one or more purchases to test the system With your store complete there s just one more thing to do before it s ready to be unveiled. At this point you need to make one or more test purchases to ensure that payments are being successfully processed. How many test purchases you make will depend upon the number of payment processors you plan to make available to your customers. To do this you will need to make your purchase s using the sandbox provided by your payment processor s . If you don t currently have a sandbox account with the payment processor s of your choice you will need to create one before you proceed. After your sandbox account has been created perform any necessary configurations before clicking on Store Settings Payment Options to return to the Gateway Options screen. Once you arrive at this screen reconfigure the settings for your payment processor s if they require you to provide special information so that your sandbox account will be used when you make a test purchase. At the very least you will need to tick the checkbox so that test mode is enabled. After those configurations have been completed and saved visit the frontend of your store and then make a purchase. If you re planning to use more than one payment processor on your store then you will need to make a test purchase using each of the payment processors that are available on your site. If this testing process is successful you can reconfigure the payment gateway settings for your payment processor s if you previously changed them. Also be sure to disable the test mode setting. Having done that you will be ready to launch your store. If this testing .

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